Ceres Organics copywriting


Ceres Organics is a New Zealand-based company and regular advertiser in MiNDFOOD magazine.

After taking a detailed brief from their marketing manager, I would write their advertorials, highlighting a new product each month, from quinoa to buckwheat. Their style was for long copy, which told the story of the product’s origins, as well as outlining the health benefits, offering tips on how best to use it in the kitchen, and highlighting Ceres’ ethical sourcing philosophy.

Ceres believes that ‘organic’ goes beyond the ethical, sustainable treatment of the earth and its produce – it extends to the people who work hard to grow the food that ends up on our tables. “We think that if the people growing the food are happy and treated well, it will reflect in the food, which will be of superior taste and quality,” says Ceres managing director Noel Josephson.

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