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I interviewed hatted Melbourne restaurateur David Zhou for SBS Feast‘s regular ‘Chef in Action’ feature. The article is a brief first-person account of the chef’s background, and the various influences that have shaped the food they serve in their establishments. The challenge lies in distilling an often long and detailed interview into short copy while still retaining the chef’s unique voice.

“In 2006, my mother suffered a stroke. She had been an opera singer… and I decided to take her back to China to visit the places where she had performed. We visited Zhouzhuang, a water village that has isolated itself from the modern world. The cooks couldn’t always communicate well with words, but they used their heart in their cooking and communicated through the food, which was rustic, simple and humble. It was everything I thought David’s should be.
I wanted to go back to the root of Shanghai food, which I felt was in this countryside.”

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