Fisher & Paykel Christmas Cookbook – MiNDFOOD

Copywriting, editing,
proofreading, special projects

This mini cookbook was a special advertising project for Fisher & Paykel, attached to MiNDFOOD’s Christmas issue. I project-managed the overall production of the cookbook, as well as writing the content, editing the recipes and proofreading the final copy.

The content highlighted how Fisher & Paykel products could make festive entertaining easier. Beautiful recipes plus relevant, quality information such as advice on storing leftovers and a handy guide to internal roast temperatures, made sure this cookbook would remain on readers’ bookshelves for many Christmases to come.

“By separating fruit and vegetables you lessen the effects of ethylene (a gas given off during the ripening process) preventing your produce from ripening too quickly… Prolonging the shelf life of your fruit and vegetables means you can do your perishable shopping earlier and feel relaxed knowing you have everything you need in the days leading up to Christmas.” 

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